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  • HVAC ControllersRobust HVAC monitoring capabilities for efficient operation and substantial energy savings.
  • Full AutomationMonitor HVAC, energy consumption, lighting and security all in one integrated system.
  • Energy MeteringYou can't control it, if you don't measure it! Get the information you need to make decisions easier.
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Complete System Integration & Building Automation

From new designs to retrofits, we put you in complete control of your commercial or industrial building, college campus or medical facility, giving you simple tools to manage a complex array of systems. Slash your energy costs, monitor every detail and enjoy convenience, peace of mind and reliability with a full array of building management controllers designed to help your building perform better, run smarter and reduce your operating costs.

Complete Building Automation

Contact Spry OSI today to find out more about our complete building automation packages for all your systems that include:

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